Your Uninstaller! Pro v7.0.2010.33 + Crack-Serials

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Your Uninstaller! Pro v7.0.2010.33 + Crack-Serials

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Re: Your Uninstaller! Pro v7.0.2010.33 + Crack-Serials

Since it won't let me post a new topic, I'm putting chromium updater here.

Chromium Updater Release Notes

Version: 1.3.710
Date: 12/24/2010

Chromium Updater helps you to keep your Chromium Installation always up to date.
It downloads and installs new releases automatically. You can set up which download
source Chromium Updater shall use and how often new updates will be applied.

There are two channels available for downloading the most recent Version.
Continuous Builds did pass all automatic tests, while Snapshot Builds may cause unexpected behavior.
Both channels are updated several times a day. Anyway, in order to use the latest stable release,
please visit

While Google Chrome contains native support for both Flash and PDF Documents,
Chromium doesn't come along with those plugins.
If Chromium Updater detected any installation of Chrome on your computer, you'll be able
to choose whether Chromium should also use Chrome's Flash and PDF plugins.



o Bugfix :  Changed download locations, since old paths are no longer available on
            Chromium Project website


o Bugfix :  Fixed minor issue with Download status
+ Feature:  Added option to close Chromium Updater after updating Chromium


o Bugfix :  Fixed crash while getting detail info, when Router returned bad Gateway setting
o Bugfix :  Chromium Updater doesn't prevent Windows XP Shutdown anymore
+ Feature:  Added option to start Chromium Updater with Windows to settings


o Bugfix :  Fixed high Processor usage, when Routing returned incorrect network data
+ Feature:  Added "-autorun" and "-silent" Command Line parameters

            -autorun: hides Program Window, when Chromium Updater starts
            -silent : Chromium Updater doesn't show any messages about downloaded or
                      installed updates


o Bugfix :  Fixed Autostart on Windows XP
o Bugfix :  Installer shouldn't download .NET Framework Language Pack anymore


o Bugfix :  Fixed compatibility issues with Windows XP
o Bugfix :  Improved stability, when Chromium Updater installation is corrupt


o Bugfix :  Fixed some issues where downloading updates failed when using slow connections
+ Feature:  Chromium Updater now displays Download progress information
+ Feature:  If there is any problem while downloading updates, Chromium Updater will retry later
+ Feature:  Chromium Updater now is able to resume downloads

System requirements:

- Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7
- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
- 512MB RAM
- 140MB Hard Disk Space

- Optional: Google Chrome (to use Chrome's native Flash and PDF support)

Check for the latest version of Chromium Updater.
If you have any problems or other suggestions, just send me an email: